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Tango Festivals & Milongas

At the moment Beltango is one of the most requested tango orchestras in the World of tango. Except performances on the concert stage they especially like to make direct fusion with tango lovers and social dancers at tango festivals, tango balls and gran milonga's.

Beltango creates a great atmosphere at the dance floor with the mixture of deep emotions and high energy, colored by virtuosity and the special feeling from each musician. Spicy smell and hot blood of Balkan, combined with more than 25 years of experience in "Stilo el Tango" give to tanguero and milonguero people all over the world something really special and unforgettable.

Best sign of Beltango's successful performances is many year-by-year invitations, from most prestigious tango festivals and events:
Tarbes en Tango, Basel Oster Tango, Wuppertal Tangoball, La Locura Innsbruck, Montpellier TangoSud, Baden-Baden Siempre Tango, Trieste Tango Festival, Berlin Tango Festival ...