Beltango Symphonico

Unique concert concept with music from different tango periods, specially arranged for Beltango quinteto and Symphony or Chamber orchestra. In this concert members of Beltango present themselves like instrumentalists, composers, arrangers, but also like singers and dancers.

Guest conductor / Maestro Le Fi Fi (Vietnam)

Beltango Symphonico already produced with great success in collaboration with:

CRR Istanbul Symphony Orchestra / conductor Le Fi Fi
Macedonia Philharmony Orchestra / conductor Aleksandar Nikolovski - Gjumar
Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra / conductor Berislav Skenderovic
Nis Symphonic Orchestra / conductor Le Fi Fi
Vietnameese National Symphony Orchestra / conductor Le Fi Fi
Symphony Orchestra of National Army - Stanislav Binicki / conductor Aleksandar Nikolovski - Gjumar

Orchestral score materials - arranged, copyrighted and published by Beltango