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 BELTANGO en VIVO !!! Para Bailar y Escuchar 

livestream concert !!!

April 24th, 2021 at 21:00 CET

*stream is viewable 24 hours

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Dear Friends,

After two amazingly successful online Livestream concerts, "Beltango meets Piazzolla" and "Una Milonga Mas" with an audience from more than 30 countries, we can say we have some experience! :) Beltango will keep the pace and the next one will be a bit different.

"Beltango en Vivo !!! - Para Bailar y Escuchar", will be our first ever spring online milonga! As the name suggests, it will be not only for listening but also for dancing! Songs will be set in tandas, so you can enjoy with your partner as you would in the live milonga, or you can invite few people to your place if measures considering pandemic allow you this possibility and make mini milonga with us.

For those who don't dance, we still invite you to be with us and listen to beautiful tango music performed by Beltango.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our tango cyberspace!

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